Gettin’ my healthy on

No more junk food! I’m going to actually change up my diet & get back to exercising from tomorrow! I’m not following any fad diets - I’m going to stick to eating my veggies, meat, & dairy products. I’m not going to eat junk food whatsoever. I realized I’m an emotional eater & I absolutely have to stop eating just because I’m bored or I’m watching a movie. I have the worst habits when it comes to eating food! When I go to the movies I will always get a soda & cheese popcorn & it’s horrible because of the amount of calories I’m consuming!

I’m also going to follow this easy & effective workout, it’s called The 100 Workout. This little workout is so convenient as it can be done about anywhere - especially when you’re feeling too lazy or just can’t go the gym! 

It includes:

   • 100 jumping jacks
   • 90 crunches
   • 80 squats
   • 70 leg lifts
   • 60 jumping jacks
   • 50 crunches
   • 40 squats
   • 30 leg lifts
   • 20 jumping jacks
   • 10 minute jog/run

  I’m going to do this everyday, i.e., Monday-Sunday. I made a few points to follow for this everyday routine if any of you guys want to join in:

1. If you’re going to start this routine, I advise you to be ready a day before. Try to sleep early; 10:30pm/11pm would be great! 

2. Wake up at either 7am/8am. You’re going to be getting 8-9 hours of sleep & I think it’s enough! 

3. Eat something before you start working out! (If you don’t know what to eat, start with cereal & a fruit like a banana, because it’s an energy booster. If you don’t eat anything, you won’t have enough energy to workout!) This is why it’s advisable to wake up at 7am/8am. You need an hour or two before your workout.

4. Start with The 100 Workout!

5. After the workout, during the rest of the day, make sure that you do not eat any junk food at all! Stick with healthy foods like veggies & fruits, lean meats & low-fat milk/yogurt! For snacks, eat a granola bar or a fruit & make sure to drink looots of water! Water is your new best friend - especially hot water. It really fills your tummy up.

6. Repeat tomorrow! 

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